Candy Crush Level 35 Guide

352Available Moves: 60 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (72 jelly boxes, 12 of which are single coated and 60 of which are double coated)
Target Score: 130,000 points
Two Stars: 230,000 points
Three Stars: 280,000 points

First of all, congratulations on reaching the last level for the second Candy Crush Saga episode! Now, the first thing you have to know is that last episode levels are never easy, and Candy Crush Level 35 is not an exception. Way to burst your bubble, right? I’m sorry about that. But hey, if it’s any consolation, level 35 is still fairly easy because it’s your first take-off pad episode level, after all. For this level, you will be dealing with all colours, so it’s very challenging that way, but you are given with an almost-regular playing board, so you have that going for you. 60 moves are plenty enough, but there are tricky corners that will require a lot of strategizing before you can clear them. Be prepared, you might have to use more than two lives before you conquer this level. It’s really challenging, so here are some tips to make it easier for you!

General Tips:
1. Take advantage of the cascade effect.
2. Take your time if you’re not racing against it!
3. Do not detonate your special candies at once.
4. Bear in mind all these level-specific strategies:

Level-specific strategies:

1. Take on the tricky ones first!
For Level 35, the tricky candies are the corner ones! Candy Crush gives us a leeway – the challenging ones to clear are only coated once, so we get a clue which ones we must prioritize. You might want to reset the game until you find a playing board that gives opportunities to clear these tricky jellies on your initial moves. You want to get rid of these as soon as you can so you’ll have the rest of the game chilled!

2. We always start from the bottom.
If you start playing at the bottom part of your playing board, there are higher chances of getting intense chain combos than there are if you start playing on top. Maximize your every move by taking advantage of the cascade effect, and you’ll end up consuming less than your available moves to clear those jellies!

3. Pause for a moment after every move.
While this might be a great strategy if you’re sneaking for a midnight snack while you’re parents are sleeping, it works just as well when you’re trying to get rid of stubborn corner jellies! Do not miss opportunities to clear them and be sure to scout them after each and every move. You’re not racing against time, after all. This also works great when you’re looking for that rare special candy. You’re dealing with all colours here so it’s extra hard, and every special candy is a gem. Don’t waste them!

4. A lollipop booster can help if only one jelly box is left. You wouldn’t want to retry yet again, would you? It’s your call. Good luck!